About me


I am an Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant (licence no. RC202) working for a wide range of clients across the United Kingdom. I hold the Royal Forestry Society’s Professional Diploma, a level 6 qualification equivalent to an Honours degree. This commands the highest respect within the industry and is considered to be the most desirable qualification for the practising arboriculturalist. I also hold the Arboricultural Association’s Technician’s Certificate.

Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant

I was the Managing Director of a landscaping and tree work contracting company (Absolute Arboriculture and Landscape Ltd) for 12 years. Previously, I have also worked as an Arboricultural Officer for a Borough Council, and as a specialist contractor for a Unitary Authority, working on insurance claims where trees were involved.

My work is varied, which makes for an enjoyable working week.

Most days I’m part of the planning process, working with a diverse client base that includes planners, architects, developers, statutory undertakers, local authorities and householders. I’m working with plans that range from a simple extension to complex plans for volume market housing. Working within the recommendations of British Standard 5837, I see my role as helping to achieve the best compromise between efficient land use, design and the retention of natural features.

Where we have been – our customers from April 2021 to December 2023. Map data (c) 2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG ((c)2009), Google Mapping through www.doogal.co.uk

Another important area of work for the practice is health and safety inspection. I take a pragmatic approach to tree inspection and risk assessment We have the equipment to carry out further investigations where justified, such as the ‘IML Resistograph’; and I can still climb for aerial inspection, should that be needed.

I have detailed knowledge of the various statutory legislation that affects the protection of trees. My experience in supporting a Tree Preservation Order Review for a Local Authority has provided in-depth knowledge of the system. I am always happy to get involved with issues relating to trees in Conservation Areas, Tree Preservation Orders or Hedgerow Regulations.

I have a small team and this enables us to provide focused and personal customer service. We also pride ourselves on our desire to be responsive to our clients’ needs – even if it is late on a Friday. If you have a sudden deadline we will do our utmost to deliver. Our customers are located throughout the UK.

Outside of work, I’m a keen sailor, audiophile and photographer.