Other Services

Homebuyers or Homeowner’s Report

This is typically needed for insurance or as a mortgage condition.  It involves an inspection of trees either on the property or on adjacent property with an assessment of health, condition and safety; the likelihood of direct and indirect damage and liability.   

This is typically a preliminary assessment with any recommendations about further investigations given within the report, dependent on what is seen or measured on site.  

Obtaining Permission or Giving Notice to carry out tree works

I am happy to deal with all matters relating to Statutory tree protection.  This might involve making a Tree Preservation Order Application for works or issuing a Section 211 Notice for trees standing in a Conservation Area (notice of the intention to carry out works to a tree standing in a Conservation Area).  I can also navigate the Appeals processes on my Client’s behalf.

Where a hedge falls within the requirement to apply for works under the Hedgerows Regulations, I can make the necessary assessment and application.

Further Investigations

Some issues can only be fully assessed through carrying out further investigations.  As most further investigations are invasive, the decision to drill or injure a tree is only taken when fully justified. I have an IML Resistograph for detailed and accurate assessment of decay.

I also have an Edelman Auger for taking soil samples and we have a good working relationship with an accredited laboratory who can carry out the laboratory tests to establish soil moisture content, plasticity index and California Bearing Ratio, which in turn will inform other assessments.

We use a laboratory in Berkshire to carry out root identification, should that be necessary