Today I was informed that my client’s application to fell their TPO tree was refused at Appeal. I think it was a misguided decision. 

TPO visual amenity from the road
How much visual amenity is afforded by this Blue Atlas Cedar from its position at the rear of this view from the road?

I had thought a minor clash of personalities between a Local Authority Tree Officer and my Client might have been at the root of the initial refusal to fell this tree in a sleepy Lincolnshire village.  

But no! an Inspector of the Planning Inspectorate has assessed the value of the tree in the strongest terms possible, completely missing the totally inappropriate species for the site. 

The subject tree is a Blue Atlas Cedar, which I consider to be the most commonly mis-planted tree; one that is suitable only for parkland or other open space.  

Certainly not 6 metres from the front of a house! 
It may be telling that the Inspector is a planner – not an arboriculturalist.  

I wonder: can TPO matters be properly assessed by someone without specialist knowledge?
I will be taking this up with the LPA Tree Officer after the Easter break.

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