A 600-year old Oak in New Jersey

My wife has relatives in New Jersey, USA.  Her Auntie has kept newspaper articles for me on the decline of what is reputedly ‘the oldest tree in America’.  Last year the White Oak beside the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church, New Jersey was declared ‘dead’.
Last week, I received an article that showed the tree being dismantled and I could see the tree in the context of its surroundings.  
Basically, it stands in a burial ground.  
It’s a White Oak (Quercus alba) and all the articles I have found online state that it is 600 years old.  I’d be surprised if it were that old.  There does seem to be factual evidence that a sermon was given under the tree in 1740, and one has to assume it had to be some size even then.  What has surprised me most is that no-one appears to have made any attempt to count the annual rings and check!

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